Advanced Learning

Our friendly and experienced Maths & Science Tutor can help students improve their school marks or simply expand their knowledge. For 25 years we have provided Perth students with teaching services in a broad range of areas. Our specialties range from Small Group Lessons to Test Prep, along with providing students with the tools and skills they need in order to succeed in their academic life. We can assist students interested in accelerated their learning and improving their grades.

Accelerated Learning

Working Ahead of the Class

Accelerated Learning Tutoring Centre offers an accelerated learning program to provide mathematically and scientifically gifted students the opportunity to receive a more challenging and rigorous education that augments their schooling.

We are able to provide accelerated learning to academically capable students wishing to progress more quickly and beyond the standard school curriculum.


Students can benefit by covering school work in detail before it is introduced by their teacher. Accelerated learning helps students achieve a higher ATAR, better prepares students for university, or may simply be undertaken for the sheer joy of learning.​

International Baccalaureate

Tutoring for IB School Students

For students who are studying in the International Baccalaureate program you can obtain extra assistance in your studies with a tutor.


Accelerated Learning Tuition Centre is familiar with IB schools and their mathematics and science curriculum.

Summer School

Headstart Program for next Academic Year

Tuition is available over the school holidays for all students. This is particularly valuable for year 10 students wishing to prepare for upper high school or year 11 students wanting to get an early start to year 12.


Students going into year 12 would be well advised to get a head start on their WACE studies as the academic year for year 12 students is considerably shorter.