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Accelerated Learning


At Accelerated Learning, our experienced Maths & Science Tutor offers expert guidance to help students improve their grades and expand their knowledge. For over 25 years, we've provided Perth students with a wide range of teaching services, including Small Group Lessons, Test Prep, and personalised tuition to develop the skills and tools they need to succeed academically. Whether you're looking to accelerate your learning, prepare for exams, or simply boost your performance in school, our friendly tutor is here to help.

Get Ahead with Personalised, Accelerated Learning Programs

Accelerate Learning with a Customised Tutoring Service

In addition to our regular tutorials at Accelerated Learning Tutoring Centre, we also offer personalised, accelerated learning programs designed to challenge and inspire mathematically and scientifically gifted students. Our programs provide a rigorous education that augments standard schooling and helps students achieve a higher ATAR, better prepare for university and expand their knowledge for the sheer joy of learning.

With our customised tutoring services, academically capable students can progress more quickly and cover school work in detail before it's introduced by their class teacher. Our experienced tutor provides expert guidance and tailored instruction to help students achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Headstart for School with Summer Tutoring Program

Gain a Headstart for the Next Academic Year with Our Summer Tutoring Services

Students can accelerate their academic progress during the summer break with our expert summer tutoring services. Our tutor is experienced in providing tailored support to students at all levels and can help students prepare for the next academic year. Our summer tutoring program is particularly valuable for year 10 students wishing to prepare for upper high school or year 11 students wanting to get an early start to year 12. For students going into year 12, our head-start program provides an opportunity to get ahead of the curve in their ATAR studies. With the academic year for year 12 students being considerably shorter, our head-start program is designed to help students make the most of their time and achieve their academic goals.

Best IB Tutoring: Achieving Excellence with the International Baccalaureate

Are you a student studying in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program seeking extra assistance in your studies? Our professional tutor at Accelerated Learning Tuition Centre provide personalised IB tutoring services designed to help you achieve top results. Our tutor is experienced with the mathematics and science curriculum taught in IB schools and is dedicated to helping you succeed. Whether you need help with understanding complex concepts, preparing for exams, or simply want to stay ahead of the curve, our tailored tutoring services can help you reach your academic goals.

Achieve Top Results with Personalised IB Tutoring from Experienced Tutor

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