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Discover our educational publications in mathematics and science, complementing our comprehensive education services. Our carefully crafted materials are designed to enhance learning and foster a deeper understanding of these subjects. Whether you're a student, educator, or enthusiast, our publications offer valuable resources to support your educational needs.

To explore our publications, visit your local bookstore or educational supplier for ordering details. For larger quantities, we offer convenient bulk order options directly through our platform. 

Chemistry Reference Card


A4 size glossy card showing periodic table of the elements. The front of the card shows detailed data of the chemical elements and includes colour and solubility tables. The reverse side of the table shows the standard reduction potential table and includes a valency table.

Periodic Table of the Elements Reference Card
Standard Reduction Potentials Table

Introductory textbook on elementary calculus focussing on differential calculus techniques. Each chapter covers basic theory and provides detailed worked examples. Numerous questions covering theory, techniques and applications are provided at the end of each chapter.


Chapters in order:

Definition of the Derivative

Simple Applications of Differentiation

The Rules of Differentiation

Differentiation of Trigonmetric Functions

Implicit Differentiation

The Derivative of Exponential & Logarithmic functions

Further Applications of Differentiation

Elementary calculus book: 'Techniques in Differentiation

Mathematics Textbook


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