Maths English Science Tutorial Workshops

We take a comprehensive and collaborative approach in creating a plan and program that is right for every student. Adjusting to different personalities and specific academic needs, we always find what works best. Our English, Physics, Chemistry & Maths tutorial workshops are small group tutorials with tuition tailored to meet each individual student's needs.

Small Group Tutorials

Maths English Science Tutoring

Our tutorial workshops provide an excellent opportunity for students to study and do problem solving in either mathematics, physics or chemistry, with the help of a tutor. Tutorial workshops are also available for English and English Literature students where our tutor can provide assistance in essay writing, for example.


Students receive individual attention aimed at their particular educational needs. These lessons provide a practical style of learning as students are, in addition to receiving individual help and demonstration, also attempt problems themselves. The tutor is available to assist when any difficulty arises.

Our workshop tutorials are in small groups of 2 - 4 students per tutor. The 90 minute workshops are conducted in a relaxed environment with students working in their own study areas. These tutorials are individually based, they are not class structured, allowing the tutor to provide individual assistance to each student as required.


Mon - Thu 4 PM, 6 PM

Saturday 1 PM, 3 PM