Homeschooling Tuition in Primary & Secondary Maths Science English

We’re working together with homeschooling parents to provide kids with the best possible education away from their traditional schools. Our goal is to find an optimal and personalised learning environment for each and every child. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our services.

Homeschool Tuition

Lessons in All Levels of Mathematics Physics Chemistry English

Tuition is available for homeschooling students in primary and secondary Maths, Chemistry, Physics & English. Lessons can be individually tailored to to meet the various educational needs of a home-based learning student. Accelerated Learning Tuition Centre has tutorials available that can fulfil a student's requirements for education outside of the usual school structure.


Parents of home-schooled children may find that, though enjoying many of the benefits of home based learning, upon reaching more difficult areas of mathematics and science, require outside assistance. Also, some home-school students may have a keen interest in mathematics or science, but are having difficulty pursuing these interests due to lack of specialist resources and mentors. Accelerated Learning can provide much needed academic support for these homeschoolers.