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Maths & Science Tutorial Workshops


Science & Maths Tutor

At our tutoring workshops, we take a comprehensive and collaborative approach to create personalised programs that meet the unique academic needs of each student.

Our maths and science tutorials are not classes but small group tutorials of 2-4 students. Students are seated separately and the tutor sits with the student going through any difficulties they may be having with their maths or science topic. Students also attempt questions themselves under the guidance of the tutor while the tutor attends to other students.

Our small group tutorials cover all levels of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Science & English, and are tailored to ensure that every student receives the individual attention and support they need to succeed.


Our expert tutor is skilled at adjusting to different learning styles and personalities and will work with your student to find the teaching techniques that work best.

Small Group Tutorials

Personalised Maths & Science Tutoring

Our tutorial workshops provide a unique opportunity for students to receive personalised instruction and hands-on problem solving in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. With the help of a professional tutor, students receive individual attention aimed at their particular educational needs. This practical style of learning encourages students to attempt problems themselves while receiving individual help and demonstration from their tutor.

Our workshop tutorials are conducted in small groups of 2-4 students, ensuring that each student receives personalised attention and support. These 90-minute workshops are conducted in a relaxed environment, with students working in their own study areas. Unlike traditional classes, our tutorials are individually based, allowing the tutor to provide tailored assistance to each student as required.

Our tutoring centre also has a library of teaching materials and textbooks which may be incorporated into lessons.


Mon - Thu 4 PM, 6 PM

Fri 4 PM

Saturday 1 PM, 3 PM

Tuition Centre Resources

Learning Materials Utilised in Tutorials

The Accelerated Learning tuition centre boasts a well-stocked library of maths and science textbooks. These textbooks cover a wide range of topics and are carefully selected to align with the curriculum standards.  These textbooks supplement student's learning, delve deeper into specific concepts, or review material covered in class. Our library ensures that students have access to quality resources that can aid their understanding and strengthen their grasp of fundamental principles.

In addition to textbooks, we provide files of notes and worked examples. These resources serve as valuable study aids, offering concise summaries of key concepts and providing step-by-step solutions to common problems. The notes and worked examples are designed to be clear, concise, and accessible, allowing students to reinforce their understanding and reinforce their problem-solving skills.


Another valuable resource at our tuition centre is the collection of past exam papers. These papers are an invaluable tool for exam preparation, allowing students to familiarise themselves with the format, style, and types of questions that may be encountered in actual exams. By practicing with past papers, students can develop their exam techniques, time management skills, and confidence in tackling different types of questions.

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