School &University Chemistry Physics Mathematics Tuition

One-to-one tuition for school and university level Maths, Physics, Chemistry and English is available at our tutoring centre.

Our tutor can assist mature age, university & school-age students with their Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English units from their course.​


Mon - Thur 11 AM, 2 PM, 3 PM

Friday 11 AM, 2 PM, 3 PM, 4 PM, 5 PM.

Individual Tuition

One-to-One Tutorials for University or School Students

Studying at university can be difficult and deciphering information on a subject from lectures and textbooks typically leaves a student frustrated. A personalised tutor can greatly help make the learning process more efficient and enjoyable. Our Maths, Physics, Chemistry tutor provides one-to-one tuition in certain university units. Contact  our tutor to see if he can be of help in your degree course.


Individual Tuition for Gaining Medical Entry

Tuition is also available for graduates seeking entry to medical school via the Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test (GAMSAT). The tutorials are aimed at revising or learning the Chemistry, Physics or English prerequisites needed to successfully sit GAMSAT.

Graduates seeking entry into medical school who do not have any chemistry and/or physics background can have us teach them a tailor-made individualised tutorial course.

Uni Prep

Get a Headstart on University

High school graduates can get a head-start on university with tutorials over the summer break.


Tuition is available for mathematics, physics and chemistry units university students are enrolled in for their degree program.