Physics Chemistry Maths Tutoring Online

Accelerated Learning Tutoring Centre can also provide online tuition to students unable to attend tutoring sessions in person. All levels of school & university maths, physics & chemistry tutoring is available for students studying at home.

Maths Chemistry Physics Tutoring Online

How Does it Work?

Tutoring online is done via a shared online whiteboard which runs in your browser. There is no software to install or site registration required. The tutor will email a link which takes the student directly to the whiteboard screen.

The whiteboard app includes drawing and text functions and can accept input from a mouse or stylus. Tutor and student  communicate via voice in real time.

The tutor will explain any topic or answer any question the student may have through notes and diagrams on the browser whiteboard with audio.

Online Maths Science Tutoring Times

Online tuition is available weekdays 11 AM - 3 PM, Fridays 11 AM - 6 PM Tuition is available as one-to-one tutorials.

When is Online Tutoring Available?