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Blue Pencil


Dedicated Maths & Science tutoring centre located in Perth, WA. Our Chemistry, Physics & Maths tutor is fully committed to helping students reach their academic goals and excel in all levels of Maths and Science.

Personalised tuition tailored to the unique requirements of each student. Small groups (2 - 4 students) allows for one-to-one tuition within the context of the tutorial workshop.

Tutorial Workshops

Small Group Tutorials for School Students


Capable students can gain a head-start with their studies with tutorials covering school coursework in advance of their class. Tuition is also available in extracurricular studies in mathematics & science.

Advanced Learning

Improve Grades by Working Ahead of School Classes


Prepare for tests and exams with Maths, Physics & Chemistry tutoring at our Tuition Centre. Our experienced tutor provides personalised attention to help students identify their strengths & weaknesses, fill any learning gaps and gain complete confidence in maths & science.

Exam & Test Prep

Improve Test Scores with Expert Science & Maths Tutoring

Home education

Parents of homeschooling students may feel overwhelmed in instructing their children in advanced mathematics & science lessons. Tutorials are available at our tuition centre to instruct students, including at high school level, all topics in maths, physics & chemistry.

Homeschool Tutoring

Primary & Secondary Maths & Science Tuition for Homeschool


Our experienced tutor provides expert support in Maths, Physics & Chemistry, helping you master complex concepts and perform at your best in university-level coursework.

One-to-One Tuition

Professional Maths Physics Chemistry Tuition for University

Girl with Laptop

One-to-one online tutoring is available in all levels of mathematics, physics & chemistry. Our highly experienced tutor can assist those pupils unable to attend tutorials at the tuition centre with online tuition via a browser based whiteboard.

Online Tutoring

Professional Maths & Science Tuition Available Online

Maths Tutoring

Perth maths tutor writing on whiteboard

Professional Maths Tutoring for Customised Learning

Our professional Maths tutor is experienced in providing private tutoring that is customised to meet each student's individual needs. Our tutor will design lessons and a learning strategy that are tailored to a student's curriculum demands to help achieve academic success.

Physics Tutoring

Perth tutor helping student

Expert Physics Tutoring

Get personalised attention and achieve academic success in Physics with our experienced science tutor. Helping students succeed in WACE studies with a focus on customising lessons and strategy to accommodate each student's level of experience and curriculum demands. Our tutor guides students to gain a deeper understanding of Physics principles.

Chemistry Tutoring

Perth chemistry tutor

Achieve Chemistry Success with Our Professional Tutor

Our knowledgeable and experienced professional Chemistry tutor is available to provide guidance on all topics from lower high school to tertiary level. Whether students need help with specific areas or a complete overview of the subject, our tutor will provide the support and guidance to achieve academic success.

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